Residential Door Glass Repairs

At Window Glass Repair we have been repairing glass in homes for over 35 years. Our motto is “If it's Glass, we can fix it”. Glass is something you probably take for granted, until it breaks. Getting it repaired is as simple as calling us on 0404 863 224 (all hours). Your inquiry will immediately be directed to a Window Glass Repair tradesman.

Our trained Glaziers can visit your home and replace broken glass to aluminium and timber sliding, non-sliding, hinged and bi-fold doors.

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Commercial Glass Door Repairs

In recent years, new technologies and safety standards have made glass a favorite building material among architects, engineers and contractors. From shopfronts and mall facades, to offices, workplaces and the factory floor, multipurpose glass functions on many levels. It supports ambiance and display possibilities. Unfortunately, due to break-ins and mishaps, glass breaks. And older glass sometimes needs to be replaced or upgraded to meet the current Australian Standards AS1288 or for environmental (temperature control, UV radiation, ambient natural lighting, sound reduction) and security reasons.

Window Glass Repair can visit your shop or office and replace broken glass to aluminium and timber fully framed sliding, non-sliding, hinged, bi-fold and auto sliding fully framed, semi framed and frameless doors.

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